Privacy and cookies

This privacy policy explains how Ålesund Bilsalg AS collects and processes personal data. Ålesund Bilsalg AS operates the purchase and sale of cars and the rental of rental cars in Ålesund

Ålesund Bilsalg AS does not have its own privacy representative as we are not required to have one, but the employees of Ålesund Bilsalg AS will monitor compliance with the privacy regulation and internal guidelines, as well as advise on privacy consequences and be the point of contact for the data subjects and the supervisory authority.

The declaration contains information about your rights when storing personal data through a customer relationship, and general information about how we process personal data in accordance with current data protection legislation.

Ålesund Bilsalg AS does not share personal information with others, or use the information for purposes other than those specified in this privacy policy.

Personal information

To make a purchase on our website, we need your name, address, mobile number, e-mail and country. This is necessary in order to be able to send your order to the correct delivery address, keep you up to date with order movements, and contact you if there is a need according to your orders.

We are required to store order information in connection with accounting, tax handling and any warranty/return handling. This history is deleted after 5 years if desired.

Your rights

You have the right to access your personal data that Ålesund Bilsalg AS has registered in accordance with current legislation. You can at any time request to receive this information free of charge in accordance with the legislation.

Information must be disclosed/transmitted in a secure manner. If the data subject submits the request electronically, and unless the data subject requests otherwise, the information must be provided in a normal electronic form.

You can also, at any time, ask us to delete or correct your personal data, provided that we are not obliged to keep them in accordance with applicable legislation or other obligations we have.

You have the right to be provided with your own personal information that you have given to Ålesund Bilsalg AS, and we will send the information to you via e-mail with a file where all personal information is encrypted.

You have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority if you feel that your personal data is not being processed in accordance with this declaration.

Archiving of personal data

The Accounting Act requires us to store transaction data for 5 years. In order to safeguard customers’ rights in connection with guarantees and complaints in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act, the Purchase Act and sales conditions, we store purchase history for 5 years.

Protection of personal data

Ålesund Bilsalg AS has routines and measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to your personal data, and that the processing of data takes place in accordance with the requirements of current legislation. Examples of such measures are risk assessments, implementation of physical measures and access management, as well as routines for handling data and following up on requests regarding the right to access, correction and deletion.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you download a website. These are generally used to improve your user experience. The purpose of cookies is to provide the online store with basic functionality such as session management and personalization. First-party cookies are necessary for the website to function. Third-party cookies are used for analysis, marketing and personalization of the website.

How to avoid cookies

If you wish to avoid the use of cookies, you can set your browser not to accept them. See your browser’s help pages for settings. Please note that if you choose to exclude cookies, several of the functions in the online shop will stop working.

Google Analytics

By anonymised information we mean information that cannot be traced back to a user or a person. The purpose of this is to collect statistics that can be used to further develop and improve the website. Examples of this type of data are: number of visitors to the site, how the site is used, how long the visit lasts, where the users come from and which browsers are used.

Personal data to third parties

Ålesund Bilsalg AS will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose your personal data in any other way than described in the privacy policy. Your data will only be shared if we are legally obliged or get your consent. Collaborative partners will only have access to the information if this is necessary to perform services for Ålesund Bilsalg AS. In such cases, data processing agreements are entered into to safeguard information security, and Ålesund Bilsalg AS will also decide how the processing of the information will take place.

Changes to the declaration

If we make changes to this privacy policy, we will post the revised version here with an updated revision date. We encourage you to review the statement regularly. If major changes are made that significantly change our privacy practices, we can also notify you via e-mail.

Contact information

If you have questions about personal data, you can contact Ålesund Bilsalg AS by e-mail. If you want Ålesund Bilsalg AS to correct or delete your information, or if you wish to have your personal data stored by us handed over, then contact us at