Sell your vehicle easily and safely

We can help you sell your car. All you need to do is deliver your car to us and we will take care of the sales process. Once your car has been sold, we will transfer the sales amount to you, less our commission. It doesn’t get any easier!

Why should we sell your car for you?

  • Because we are a dealership, we can get the best price.
  • As a dealer, we have a wide customer network.
  • We can help you with part exchange.
  • We can offer you help with bank transactions.
  • We can assist you with insurance services.
  • We often sell cars more quickly and at better prices than private individuals.

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Price list:

This includes:

Market valueCommission
Special promotional fee19.990,-
Recreational vehicle fixed fee39.990,-

This includes:

  • The entire sales process
  • Photography
  • Advertising, viewing and customer follow-up.
  • Option to display the vehicle in our showroom in Verftsgata 2
  • Documentation and registration


What do you have to do?

Sales price of vehicle                                    kr 325 000,-

Re-registration fee                                        kr     3 847,-

NAF test                                                     kr     2 350,-

Commission                                               kr    19 990,-

Amount payable to you after sale:            Kr  298 813,-

What do you have to do?

All you have to do is clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle and deliver it to us.

Once the vehicle has been sold/handed over to the new owner, the outstanding balance will be transferred to you after deduction of the agreed commission.

If required, we also offer a car valet service from NOK 2,000.


All prices inclusive of VAT.

Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

bakside av BMW bil, vendt skrå mot høyre