Commission sales

We can sell your car.

Would you like us to sell your car?

We can help you sell your car. We may also be interested in buying your car directly from you, if it’s the right car at the right price.

The advantages of commission sales:

  • better prices
  • As a dealer, we have a wide customer network.
  • We can assist you with part exchange, bank services and insurance services 
  • We often sell cars more quickly and at better prices than private individuals

Commission sales

We will take care of everything connected with the sale, including status report, photography, advertising, responding to enquiries, offers, viewing, contract and documentation, re-registration and customer follow-up. We respond to all enquiries and are also available during the evening and at weekends.

Before delivering the vehicle to us, please check the following:

  1. Ensure that you bring all keys
  2. Remove all personal possessions from the vehicle
  3. Bring part 2 of the log book
  4. Bring winter tyres/summer tyres 
  5. Bring any spare parts and the workshop manual

Frequently asked questions:

  • Will the vehicle be safely stored?  Yes, your vehicle will be safe with us. We have CCTV in place 24/7. Keys and documentation are kept securely locked in a safe at all times.
  • Must the vehicle remain insured?  Yes. Even though we have our own insurance, we require that the vehicle to be sold is insured by you as owner of the vehicle – including the period that the vehicle is in our possession.  
  • Is there a deadline for selling the vehicle? In principle, no. Some vehicles sell more quickly, while others take longer. We will take into account multiple factors before possibly considering making some adjustments. This could relate to the price of the vehicle, as well as advertising costs. Any feedback from potential buyers could also serve as a good indicator regarding possible adjustments.
  • Is there an outstanding loan on the vehicle? If the sales amount is sufficient to pay off the loan in its entirety, then there is no problem. If the sales amount is lower than the loan, you must pay off the loan or pay an amount that ensures that, in the event of a sale, there is either a zero balance or a plus balance.